Recognize the Role and Responsibilities of Anesthesia Doctors

Anesthesiologist is a specialist who has the responsibility of providing anesthesia (anesthesia) before the patient undergoes surgery or other medical procedures. In addition, the anesthesiologist also studies pain management and patient care. Anesthetist background is a general practitioner who completed the education of anesthesiology specialists. Before undergoing the surgical procedure, you will be sedated so that the body becomes invulnerable and asleep The procedure is called anesthesia. The administration of drugs in anesthesia aims to make you feel no pain. Anesthesia works by blocking nerve signals in the body and brain, thereby preventing the brain from processing pain and remembering what happened during surgery. Types of Anesthesia Broadly speaking, anesthesia is divided into three types, namely local anesthesia, regional anesthesia, and general anesthesia. Local Anestation Anesthesia only makes one part of the body immune specifically, such as the hands, feet,
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